Our Compounding Products

Doc Hoff's LET GEL (20/2/4)

-Pre-injection Numbing


-Soft tissue Procedures

Dry Socket Cream (DSC)

Lidocaine/Clove oil/Idofor

-Pain Relief


Doc Hoff's Anesthetic Rinse


-Needle phobic patients

-Gag response reduction during impressions

TMJ Cream

Ketoprofen20%/Cyclobenzaprine 2%

-Pain reliever


Doc Hoff's PIP

(lanolin/zinc oxide)

-Adjust dentures

-Antifungal agent can be added    

*Magic Mouthwash

Lidocaine/Maalox/Diphenhydramine (1:1:1)

-Oral Pain


*Formula can be adjusted to suit patient-specific needs

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