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Our Compounding Products

LET GEL (20/2/4)

-Pre-Injection Numbing


-Soft Tissue Procedures 


(Lanolin/Zinc Oxide)

-Adjust Dentures

-Antifungal Agent Can Be Added

Anesthetic Rinse

(Dyclonine 1%/Lidocaine 1%)

-Needle Phobic Patients

-Gag Response Reduction During Impressions 

Dry Socket Cream (DSC)

(Lidocaine/Clove Oil/Idofor)

-Pain Relief


Minocycline 2% 



-Root Planing

TMJ Cream

(Ketoprofen 20%/ Cyclobenaprine 2%)

-Pain Reliver


*Magic Mouthwash

(Lidocaine/Maalox/Diphenhydramine 1:1:1)

-Oral Pain


*Formula Can Be Adjusted to Suit Patient-Specific Needs

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